July 27, 2021

Some of the key benefits of blown-in insulation.

Insulation is an important component of any residence to boost comfort and promote energy efficiency. It helps maintain the temperature inside your home, especially during the hot summers and cold winters. Nowadays, many building codes have a minimum insulation standard, so homeowners are starting to pay more attention to it.

If you plan to insulate your attic, you might be wondering what option the best will be. You will encounter many types in the market but blown in insulation is one of the most popular choices for residential applications. It can be made with cellulose or fiberglass. To help you determine the most suitable choice for your attic, check out some of the significant benefits of blown-in insulation.

Top Benefits of Blown-In Insulation

What are the benefits of blown-in insulation, and what makes them a good choice for your attic? The information below will give you a better idea of the features of blown insulation, so you can assess whether it is suitable for your home.

Value for Money

In any home improvement project, you want to make sure you get a good return on your investment. Fortunately, blown in attic insulation provides great value for your money since you can expect significant savings in your energy costs after installation. The initial project costs may seem a bit high for some homeowners, but you will get substantial returns through major savings over the next few years.

You won’t need to worry about leaks from your air conditioning unit or heating system since the insulation will keep your home energy efficient.

Easy Installation

Ease in installation is one of the most attractive benefits of blown-in insulation. As its name suggests, the process is done by using a machine to blow the material into the spaces that you want to cover to create an insulation blanket. Professional contractors can get it done in a few hours, which is much quicker and less time-consuming than batt insulation since this sometimes requires tearing down drywall.

High Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the main reasons homeowners invest in insulation solutions, so it only makes sense that this is one of the top benefits of blown-in insulation. Since this type involves blowing the material into your attic, it can fill in the crevices and cracks more effectively to prevent air leaks, resulting in higher energy efficiency.

Fiberglass continues to be a top choice since it is made with recycled glass, and over the years, cellulose insulation has also gained much traction for its sustainable properties. Additionally, this type of insulation qualifies for a LEED certification.

Noise Reduction

Blown-in insulation is also known for its noise reduction and sound control capabilities. The insulation blanket from the blown material has an airtight seal that helps reduce indoor noise coming from other rooms and outdoor noise. This benefit will be particularly attractive for those who enjoy using their attic for recreation or work as they can enjoy peace at home.

Fire Protection

Like the explanation above, the airtight seal from blown insulation offers an additional benefit. This sealing quality makes your home more resistant to fires since it prevents air from spreading into a fire and causing huge flames to erupt. Whether you choose fiberglass insulation or cellulose insulation, your home can expect this benefit.

Lower Condensation

Blown insulation does a good job covering gaps and small spaces to ensure your attic is completely covered with insulation. It helps reduce condensation and moisture in the area, which ultimately prevents mold and mildew from growing. Moisture can be a major issue for most homeowners as it can have detrimental effects on their insulation and roof, so you want to make sure to avoid it as best as you can!

Get Professional Blown-In Attic Insulation Today

Now that you have a better idea of the benefits of blown-in insulation, it might seem clearer why attic insulation is a must to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC systems. Whether you need attic insulation, air sealing, or insulation removal services, Joe Blows Insulation is just one call away. Our team is properly trained to perform these services correctly, so you can be assured you are in good hands. If you are interested in getting your home insulated, feel free to contact us to schedule a free consultation in Tampa, Clearwater, and Hillsborough.